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LITTLE WONDERS is an inspiring and innovative approach to an early childhood education which values the child as strong, capable, resilient and filled with a sense of wonder. Children are capable of deep curiosity and have tremendous potential, understanding their world and their place within it.
At Little Wonders, we believe that schools need to prepare themselves for a new world by thinking creatively and deeply about how they are educating. Every generation need and abilities are different than the ones gone by, hence at Little Wonders we believe that teaching practices must continuously change and evolve to support these developments, with emphasis on developing relationships, values and to aim at true happiness.
Established Year - 1996
Founder - M.S. Shajahan

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Little Wonders Nursery was founded in 1996 and our objective is to help preschoolers derive the greatest value, pleasure and fulfillment from their childhood. Over the years, our team of early childhood educators has worked to develop a curriculum that can support the growth and development of children as unique individuals.
We believe that Little Wonders Nursery offers a unique educational opportunity for children in central district.
We look forward to meeting with you and welcoming you into our school and extended family. Together we know that we can make a difference to your child’s learning journey. Yours sincerely, M.S. Shajahan Managing Directress




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